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SM's S&M ;; Part One

Title: SM's S&M Part 1
Pairing: HanChul; background QMi
Rating: (this part)PG-15
Summary/Notes: Hankyung finds himself in an S&M club, and completely fascinated by the man in the mask. Blame gamia. She said Heechul would be the gagged-and-bound type, and then BoA's "Dress Off" started playing.

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Tumblr, anyone?


This isn't quite an update, but recently I broke down and signed up to Tumblr :D
I'm still pretty new there, so it's kind of lonely *--*

So I thought I would pimp myself here /shameless

I don't know how many of you guys have Tumblrs, but if you do, you should follow me!
I'll start posting links/notifications/whatever-you-want-to-call-them on Tumblr when I update here, so there will be two ways to hear about a new post quickly ^^

For now, I'll do follow-backs too, while my dash isn't crowded :)

Hope to see you guys there?
Drop me a comment in my ask box if you follow me, so I know who you are~


Hanchul, after so long. . .and I've disgraced it D:

Title: Just Not the Dumpling Shop
Pairing: Hanchul
Rating: NC-17
Genre: General/Smut
Summary/Notes: Heechul's favorite corner of the library becomes that much more special. Generic!AU. || Really, there's not much to say. Public sex :D This almost became QMi, then Heekyung because someone has to ship that, and then it was a different story line with Heekyung, and now it's this, which isn't related to any previous versions in the slightest.

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